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Riddle Transfer Phil X Smiley
"After I return to my home base, I'll put an end to this Vizion nonsense myself" Quiz had just said this after agreeing to spare Earth and put an end to Vizion. Phil and his friends had opened up Quiz's eyes and he decided it was up to the people of Earth to decide what they want to do with their planet. "Thank you Phil Eggtree" said Quiz "Stay classy Quiz go make peace like a true leader would" Phil responded. Just as he said this an explosion had gone off in the sky. "c-could that be?" Smiley asked. Phil was stunned he was barley able to get an "oh no" out.
It turns out his old friend Diz had betrayed them and had rebuilded the ice beam to freeze Earth entirely. Diz wanted nothing more, than to be in control and he finally got his wish. Phil had realized it was Diz and knew he had to stop him. "Take me up there in you ship Quiz." Phil Demanded. "wait, do you even have a plan?" asked Quiz. "Nope" Phil responded. Quiz raised his had. "Alright thats good enough for me" said Quiz. Phil t
:iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 5 7
So recently I have had some trouble with my computer. As soon as I get it fixed, I'll be tearing into some animations. My next atrocity is Lunch Break from Regular Show
:iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 1 0
Atrocity Notebook: Hot Water by chaoticplumber Atrocity Notebook: Hot Water :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 0 2 Atrocity Notebook: Grooming Gary by chaoticplumber Atrocity Notebook: Grooming Gary :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 1 0 Atrocity Notebook: Patrick! The Game by chaoticplumber Atrocity Notebook: Patrick! The Game :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 1 3 Atrocity Notebook: Love Blactually by chaoticplumber Atrocity Notebook: Love Blactually :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 0 2
R.I.P Original YouTubers
What I like to do today is take a minute to thank all the people who made YouTube what it is today unfortunately they don't upload anymore so I'd like to take a minute to thank them.
Itsn0ttyl3r aka xitstyler
:iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 0 1
Dear Aquaemane
    This is a message from I Hate Everything himself. "Dude seriously delete your account, fix your voice, and explain why you came back to life. I read your new story and although it was the funniest thing I've ever read I hate it. Just when me and Kiteman were getting used to each other, your Don't Judge Challenge ass has to come back. I command you to do as I command. Or don't, I don't give a fuck. Just leave and never come back is all"
:iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 1 0
Frittata and Fries
Fries the linoone was in the Pokémon graveyard morning a death of a friend he lost
'Oh Frittata why did you have to die on me 'sob'
Fries perked his head up
'W...who's there'
He saw what looked like a purple bat it was Frittata
'Fries I am sorry I wasn't strong enough'
Nonsense you were great especially that sludge bomb'
'Thanks but don't morn me instead keep fighting and avenge those who fallen'
'Sushi potato potatoer omelet taquito and the flying shark lasagna'
'Avenge the and beat Steven for us'
Frittata placed a kiss on fries cheek
'I love you Fries'
With that Frittata departed into the afterlife
'I love you too Frittata'
Fries went back to Devin and waited for the next day to come      
:iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 4 3
My Gift For Marriland by chaoticplumber My Gift For Marriland :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 7 2 Mario Is A Deadly Traitor by chaoticplumber Mario Is A Deadly Traitor :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 0 0 An accomplishment by chaoticplumber An accomplishment :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 1 0 TACOS!!! by chaoticplumber TACOS!!! :iconchaoticplumber:chaoticplumber 0 0


Flame Princess and Bubblegum by Jbaaron Flame Princess and Bubblegum :iconjbaaron:Jbaaron 1,908 730




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